visibly hydrating glow kit

3 steps. 1 min daily. Happy skin.

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3 steps. 1 min daily. Happy skin.

What it is – A quick 3 step routine that keeps your skin clean, happy and glowy all day, everyday

Why it's special ✨

  • Affordable. 3 month supply amounting to less than $1 a day!
  • MUDO thoroughly cleanses skin with its luscious texture removing makeup and dirt
  • SILCK packs in moisture for all day hydration while employing actives to help with redness and balance skin
  • GLOW provides a lasting natural glow and drastically improved skin complexion
  1. MUDO — Gently lather 2 pumps with circular massaging motions, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Rinse face.
  2. SILCK — Drop a drop on each side of your already wet face. Rub the serum-y textured liquid in a circular motion throughout your face until dry.
  3. GLOW — Shake the bottle and pat 2-3 drops on your face, starting from your forehead working downwards.

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