massaging crystal face roller

Roll your way to relaxed, radiant skin


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Roll your way to relaxed, radiant skin

What it is – A face roller made of cooling gem stones that helps reduce the look of puffiness, inflammation, fine lines & helping facial oils seep in — truly elevating your skincare game

Good To Know



2-sided for flexibility

100% Real Stone


Ethically sourced

Why it's special ✨

  • Helps with lymphatic drainage encouraging the removal of toxins from your face as well as promoting healthy blood circulation
  • Comes with a set of best practices for maximizing effectiveness of KRYSTAL [read below]
  • Two-sided with especially chosen earth stones {White Howlite • Black Obsidian} that provide a cooling relaxation experience to reach all parts of your face
  1. Put KRYSTAL Face Roller in the fridge for 10 minutes
  2. While it cools, wash your face with a cleanser so your skin is clean and hydrated
  3. Apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil to your cute forehead, cheeks, chin and nose (we recommend SQUAL😉)
  4. Take out KRYSTAL roller from the fridge and follow best practices below for different parts of your face:

Chin, jawline and cheeks:

– Starting at the chin, work from the centre outward and upwards. 

– Roll gently, beginning in the area close to your jawline and then work inwards to cover as much surface area as possible (PRO TIP: roll on each area three times each for best results!) 

– Repeat this for either side of your face. 

– Returning to the centre chin area, make sweeping rolls under the chin towards the collar bone, working outwards to the sides of the neck.


–Begin from the middle of your forehead, move towards the right side and starting at just above your eyebrows, roll upwards towards your hairline.

– Repeat this motion to until you have covered the entire right side of your forehead. 

– Repeat 4-6 times in the same area 

– Return to the centre and work repeat above steps for the left-side of your forehead


– Using the smaller stone, start in the inner corner of your eye (close to the top of your nose) and use a gentle outwards rolling motion towards your ears 

– Repeat this under both eyes, three times each


– Begin at the centre of your nose and roll outwards towards your ears 

– Repeat this motion three times each on either side of your nose

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