uncomplicated 2-step skincare routine

Step 1. Cleanse, Step 2. Replenish. DONE.

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Step 1. Cleanse, Step 2. Replenish. DONE.

What it is – The ultimate no fuss-free skincare routine. Two of our original products, two minutes of your day, twice a day for long-lasting healthy skin

Why it's special ✨

  • MUDO will purify every skin type washed off it leaves skin feeling soft and looking bright. Made up of Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C, MUDO is a perfect staple cleanser for your daily skincare routine
  • SQUAL will make your face feel brand new but even more than that… a few drops can go a long way to gently hydrate your hair, facial hair and hands. It's made of 100% Pure Sugarcane Squalane. At Nuchay, we’re sort of obsessed with Squalene - an oil found in your skin’s natural sebum so we’ve used its Squalane form to provide you with a multipurpose, no BS daily face oil
  1. MUDO — Eject 1-2 pumps on to your hands. Apply the wash to your wetted face and gently massage around all areas before rinsing off with warm water
  2. SQUAL — Drop 2-3 drops on to your hand and pat on to either side of your face

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